Monday, October 22, 2012

Opening Day Deer Season Report 2012

Opening day of rifle season 2012 was a beautiful cool crisp fall morning that had me up early with anticipation.  The hunting usually does not get very good here until the rut in mid November, but we had put in some extra work this off season and I was eager to try my luck in a new stand that has shown some promise via trail cam pics and good sign.

The morning did not disappoint as two does moved into my new food plot from the direction in which I thought they would.  They fed around for a few minutes until a small buck ran them off.  He was just a small 6 point, but I was encouraged at the deer activity.  Unfortunately, I had to leave the stand a little early to make sure that I made it on time to a road race that my son was running in that morning.  Was it worth leaving early for???

Yep!  He won the mile race by one second!  He has entered three races and has won two and finished 2nd in the other.  Run on buddy!!

The rest of the deer hunting weekend went much the same as we saw several does and a few small bucks.  We have a pretty good idea of the deer we want to shoot.  Here are a couple of shots of the guys we are after!

They will be hard to get until they let there guard down during the rut, but you can bet I'll be there giving it my best shot!
Good luck this season to all of you!!