Monday, August 9, 2010

Productive Weekend!

I have never been accused of letting the grass grow under my feet.  This past weekend will serve as a good example.  The wife was feeling a little under the weather, so I knew I would need to stay around the house to help watch and entertain the kids.  I got up Saturday morning and decided that it would be an outside kind of day.  This would allow for a quite house for Mama and hopefully a fun day for the kids.  First activity for the kids was bike riding and my first job was edging the drive way and all of the flower beds.  We then took a trip to Papa and Cheri's on the golf cart to retrieve the gas powered trimmer.  They watched me as I trimmed most of the shrubbery in the yard.  Reid then went inside while Mia watched me mow the grass.  After I was done mowing our yard, I proceeded to mow my neighbor's yard.  She was out of town and her yard was looking a little ruff.  After that both kids were back outside and they rode the golf cart with me around the yard as I trimmed up some dogwood limbs to allow some more light to get to some shady spots in the yard.  With that completed, we took a small break to visit with Mr. Bill who stopped by.  I then got the pool out for the kids to play in and I mixed up some round up to spray the flower beds for weeds.  Shortly after completing that task it began to rain.  The kids went inside and I stayed out in the shop to watch mother nature do her thing, but I was not done yet.  While watching it rain I decided that it was time to trim back the cherry tree in the back yard.  Some of the limbs were getting on the roof of the house.  In between showers I got out my pole saw and went to whacking.  Task completed!  What a day!  Did I mention that I also washed three loads of clothes?  Time for the Braves!

Sunday came and my hard work ethics spilled over from Saturday.  After church I decided to wash my Jeep.  The I got the bright idea of giving it a wax job.  I have not waxed a vehicle since I was in college and now I remember why.  The Jeep looks great, but it hurts my arms to type this.  Since I was already soaked with sweat I decided to look for something else to accomplish.  I fired the trimmers back up and went after all of the azalea bushes.  Every shrub in my yard is now perfectly shaped.  I cleaned up the clippings and added them to the rather large pile in the alley that was a bare spot just yesterday.  I then cleaned out the wife's vehicle for her.  I was going to wash it but I finally gave out of gas.  The kids and I took a golf cart ride around the neighborhood and I reflected back on all that I got done.  I don't mind hard work and actually consider it therapy.  I had a great weekend!

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