Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who can keep up???

Technology has effected all of us in one form or the other.  I think that most of it is for the good, but some will always say that the "old school" was always better.  Technology has made vast strides in the hunting and fishing world over the last 25 years.  Have you looked at your camouflage lately?  Yesterdays outdoor wear is today considered useless.  I hate to admit it, but I have a different hunting jacket for every different type of hunt including deer, dove, ducks and turkeys.  I have better boots, better accessories, better calls, better bags, better cases, better scents, better scopes, better stands, better ammo, and in some cases better weapons.  But as I stepped into the attic to retrieve my long lost bow and arrow case, I was reminded just how far behind technology had left me when it came to my archery supplies.

Bow hunting in South Georgia is really not my idea of fun.  It's just too dang hot.  The temperatures here can still be in the 90's in September.  But deer hunting is a passion and us deer hunters will look for every opportunity to get in a tree.  I purchased a PSE bow about 10 years ago.  It was a very good bow at the time and I had a guy rig it up with all of the latest "stuff".  I braved the heat and hunted with the bow for a couple of years.  I never felt very good at shooting a bow because I am so short armed and always had trouble being consistent with my draw placement.  In other words, I was only a decent shot.  I missed a deer one season and was so mad about it I put the bow in the case and have not seen it since.  During the years that my bow has sat idle, all of my hunting buddies have fallen in love with bow hunting and have been throwing themselves and their wallets into the sport.  It amazes me the amount of money that they have spent on their super sonic sticks and string.  But on the other hand I can appreciate them wanting the best that the sport has to offer.  I do not have the best that the sport has to offer right now.  In fact, I need a complete overhaul of my bow.  It needs new sights, new strings, new rests, new arrows, new broad-heads, etc, etc, etc.  I think I will just put it back in the case and wait for rifle season when I can go to the woods with the "best there is".  My Browning!

I am a Browning man.  My family has a long tradition of hunting with Browning firearms.  My Grand father and Father both hunted with a Browning A-5 shotgun.  They are in my opinion the best guns made.  Technology has not passed the Browning company by, but what is really amazing is that they have not really needed it all that much either.  John Browning invented almost every gun that is in use today before 1905.  Sure the guns are made different and they have all kinds of different names, but the basic concepts were figured out by John Browning by using his mind and hard working hands.  Most people do not realize that Winchester and Remington made their history by manufacturing guns designd by John Browning.  I figure that if I shoot Browning guns, I am just cutting out the middle man.

So my bow and string may not be up to todays standards, but you can sure bet that my guns are.  Whether I reach for my old A-5 or the new Browning Maxus I know that I will be ready!


Ashlee said...

I hope you'll have a great season with whatever you choose!

Lori said...

My husband was an avid gun hunter (still likes to gun hunt) and then he discovered bow hunting through a really good friend. He went out and bought an average priced bow but the same as you, needed all the accessories to go with it. He just upgraded his bow sight which I hope brings him success. It amazes me what it actually takes to bag a deer. Fortunately we live in Wisconsin and the fall season is a beautiful time of the year. He hasn't killed a deer with his bow but bow season is right around the corner and he's been practicing. Good luck to you and enjoy using your Browning.