Friday, August 6, 2010

The Shrine!

It started very slowly some many years ago. A man's house was once his castle, but somewhere down the line a very sneaky woman hung a monogrammed towel in the bathroom with specific instructions to never use said towel. It was for guest only! It was on that date that men slowly started turning into what we have become today. We are whipped! The woman has taken over the house and instead of a nice 10 point buck hanging over the mantle, there is now a family portrait of you and your bride and the kids all dressed alike sitting on a beach (not that there is anything wrong with that). The women have taken over every room in the house including your own bathroom. How many of you now take a bath with a little spongy thing and scented soap and dry off with cream colored towels that are to never be hung back up over the shower curtain? Makes you think doesn't it!

Thankfully man has historically proven that he is able to adapt to his environment. We may not be king of our own castle anymore but we have somehow managed to secure one room in the house or one garage in the back yard that is today known as "The Man Cave". Man Caves have become one of the best selling features in new home sales. The man has become willing to give up the rest of the house to the woman as long as he has a basement or finished room above the garage to call his own. Her-"Look honey this house has 16 walk in closets, can we buy it?" Him-"Is that basement finished out and wired for sound?"

Men just want peace and quite every now and then and a place to clear their heads. I don't think we are trying to shuck our husbandly or fatherly duties, it's just sometimes we need to be a man in our own space. Kind of like the need for a woman to go shopping even though she has no money. I had a friend who let his wife talk him into building on to their house. Included in the build was a Man Cave. I liked my friends instructions for his wife when she started talking about how much fun the new room would be for them. He said "Baby I love you, but the only way you will be welcomed into my room is if your are naked or bringing fried chicken." His words, not mine, but I think you get the point on how important the Man Cave has become!

In my experience I have found that there are two different types of Man Caves. The first cave is a high tech entertainment room with flat screen TV's, stereo, video games, plush couches, poker table, full bar etc. These Man Caves are usually found in a finished basement or room above the garage and most of the time require the user to enter the main house to gain access. They are decorated with golf pictures or photos of their favorite college teams. In this part of the country a University of Georgia theme seems to dominate these types of caves. The second type of cave is a shop or garage that is separate from the main living quarters. This cave usually serves a dual purpose as both working shop and entertaining venue. This cave will house tools of all kinds, hunting gear, grills, fryers, fishing equipment, as well as flat screen TV's and a mini fridge stocked with the neighbors favorite brew. It will be decorated with all of the "Man" stuff that your wife will not allow in the main house.

My Man Cave is of the second variety. I built a 24 x 24 shop that serves as my work shop as well as my hang out spot. It is decorated with a lot of Georgia Southern stuff as well as some other pictures and things from my high school sports days. I also have some old bank signs and movie posters. The boys have named my shop "The Shrine".  It seems to fit!  I have really enjoyed having my own place that I can get away from the everyday routine as I work on this project or that, but I also enjoy when the neighborhood boys stop by to watch the Braves or just hang out for a while. I do allow Dana and the kids to come into the shop, but Dana doesn't stay very long. She seems to understand my need for my space and lets me work on my projects without interference. Besides it's hot out there this time of year.

So men, get yourself a Man Cave if you do not already have one. If you have a Man Cave, invite me over and let's watch the Braves or some college football! Just think of the possibilities as you watch this video!

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